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Hey there. If you’re reading this you’re probably interested in business, whether you work for a large or small company, or whether you’ve started your own business, you’ve just taken advantage of a huge opportunity.

Jason Proch is a current business student who comes from a history of international businessmen (and businesswomen, for that matter!). He’s currently studying in the U.K, where he’ll earn his M.B.A.

He’s already earned his Bachelor’s Degree in New York (where he was born and raised) — from N.Y.U.

Running, managing, or being an integral part of a successful business is no easy task domestically, not to mention the mounting difficulties in conducting a successful international business.

An international business can occur in many different shapes and forms.

You might be involved in the movement of goods — this might involve moving goods from one country to another, as in importing/exporting, trade, etc.

You might execute contractual agreements which help you work with foreign firms in order to use products, processes, resources, services, and more from other nations — this might include licensing and franchising.

International business might also include the formation and operations of manufacturing, sales, distribution, logistics, research and development, and facilities that operate out of foreign markets.

International businesses organization, strategy, and execution of operational decisions fall into one or more of the following:

You’re part of a multidomestic company that has independent subsidiaries which act as domestic firms. You conduct global operations working with integrated subsidiaries. Or, you do some combination of the 2 setups mentioned above.

Running an international business has its own set of challenges, combining the aspects involved therein of both running multidomestic and global operations.

Multi-domestic business models involve the promotion of certain products (or services, for that matter) in diverse markets around the world, which means you’ll have to adapt your product or service to wide-ranging cultural norms, practices and protocols, as well as ever-changing taste preferences, not to mention religious customs of these diverse markets you’re working in.

Multinational business strategies involves selling products (or, you guessed it, services) in various foreign markets. The thing about this one is that you don’t have to change any of the characteristics of your product or service. You don’t have to accommodate to the customs and cultural norms of diverse markets mentioned above.

International business can get confusing, but so can running any other sort of business. The best thing you can do is equip yourself with knowledge, which this site aims to provide.

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