Harnessing the power of social media to boost your business

Harnessing the power of social media to boost your business

There’s no denying the impact the rise of social media has had on modern businesses. For a business to keep with the times and continue growing, it is almost an imperative now to bolster its online presence and open pages in sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But how does one really maximize the use of these social media platforms for expanded market exposure? MBA student Jason Proch offers some sound advice below.

Assuming a business has already set up pages and profiles on various leading social media sites, one sure-fire way to make good use of the platforms is to use targeted search engine optimization keywords when posting content and updates. Make sure that details about your business are included in the key terms and hashtags for better service discovery among prospective clients searching search engines.

You should also keep in mind that timing your posts is key. For example, the ideal time to post on Facebook, according to recent studies, is early in the afternoon on weekdays. Also, make sure to link your social media sites to one another for easier viewing of your company’s various profiles and so that new posts are automatically posted on all relevant, existing sites.

As a side note, it’s also important to note that social media helps alleviate debt issues among business owners. Social media sites give startups and emerging brands a venue for promoting businesses with minor investment capital required (often called boosts), which is ultimately a great way to optimize debt management strategies, explains Jason Proch. Of course, you need not have each post boosted; often what’s more important is to assign a staff devoted to promptly answering inquiries on posts and private messages, as well as focusing on customer feedback.

Jason Proch is currently an MBA student in the UK who has real aspirations to work in foreign markets and to pursue international business. Know more about Jason and his interests here.

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