How to Build International Brand Awareness

How to Build International Brand Awareness

Building Brand Awareness Internationally


If you’re looking to build your brand internationally, you’re looking, in the end, to increase sales, right? Right!

But this doesn’t mean that you can follow the exact same formula that is bringing you success at home. Still, though, there are tried and true methods that you can use to put yourself and your brand in a position to connect with international markets and international target audiences.

Below we’ll discuss a few ways to build brand awareness in a global sense.

1.) Make sure you have a hand-crafted message

Knowing the “why behind what you do is hugely important. That entails crafting a distinct message that speaks to a large audience. Do your homework and research the foreign markets you plan on engaging with. Note what your competitors and other businesses are doing in that region. Of course, never mimic your competition. Use what they do as a springboard to do something totally original.

2.) Deliver your message through proper channels

If nobody in the market you plan on doing business in pays attention to radio, then you likely shouldn’t be doing radio advertising. If you’re playing to an older audience, maybe you should set aside a little bit of a budget for radio. Make sure that your message does not fall on deaf ears, or, worse, fall through the cracks completely.

Pay attention to the habits of your new customers. Address their lifestyle, their wants, their needs.

3.) Communicate clearly and directly

Tone and approach is everything when you engage with potential new customers. This comes through in your packaging, your marketing and advertising, your online curb appeal, through sales people and representatives, and even the way your desk person answers the telephone.

Make sure you have a handle on how your interacting with your new customers. Don’t be hesitant to adopt new policies and practices that help you interact more positively and productively with your new market.

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