Nailing Your Next Business Meeting Checklist

Nailing Your Next Business Meeting Checklist


Conducting a business meeting of any scale can be a little nerve racking to say the least. Now that you have everyone’s attention, it’s important that you not only have something to say, but that you say it in the most compelling and convincing way possible. In a way, we are always selling, whether it’s ourselves or our ideas.

Below is a quick checklist any business-savvy person should take a look at before planning their next meeting.

1.) Know the Why of the Meeting

Give every meeting a mission statement. You’ve got everybody gathered in a room, it’s important that you know and show the purpose of the meeting.

2.) You’ve Sent the Preliminary Agenda

Make sure that all the proper people are there and they know why they’re there. A good way to do this is to set a calendar invite and also to send a preliminary agenda, that way people have an idea of what to expect from your meeting. They can also prepare questions accordingly.

3.) Make Sure You Have a Decision Making Process in Place

Take a vote, make sure there is group consensus, or leave it up to leader’s choice. Either way, make sure that if there’s a decision to be made that you have a correct method in place for making that decision. Make sure everyone in the meeting is on the same page.

Before your meeting, make sure that you’ve prepared yourself. Go over what you’re going to say in front of a mirror — if that helps your process. But also make sure that you don’t come off too rehearsed. Bring visuals and handouts — these all make a big difference and also help give meeting attendees something to look at other than you.

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